Precy Sait Martin, France
Turbine delivery to fish lift
Built 2005 for S.I.C.A.E of Precy
The work decomposed into several phases:

Optimisation of turbines installed in 1926 in right bank to reach 420 kW

Change of regulating system for the power and the water level

Installation of a supplementary turbine of 80 KW power in left bank
The project was set up within the framework of Contribution from the SICAE to the environment. By its concept this
innovative fish lift is the first installation to clear off barriers
from the way of migrating fish along river Aube.
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The hydroelectric power plant of Précy-St Martin, situated on
the river Aube in region of Champagne was built in 1926 by
the creation of the Society of Agricultural Collective Interest of Electricity. Wishing to develop renewable sources of energy along with respect to nature SICAE took a step for optimisation
its hydroelectric power station. The work was completed in
year 2005.

Characteristics of the plant:
H = 4 m
Q = 2.6 m3/s
P = 80 kW

The fish lift and the new plant were designed by B.P. Etudes, France. The work was realized in collaboration with the
French fishing council (Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche).
The flow passing through the turbine was designed to create
the reserve and attractive flow for the fish lift. Several attempts were taken with different turbine designs before the right design of equipment was found. The WPOY’s compact turbine design enabled the project to succeed.