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Hydro turbines

Waterpumps WP Oy’s hydro turbines are designed for small hydro on low head sites. There are two main designs of turbines, tube and compact type. The designed head may vary from 1 to 30 meters and the flow of the unit can be fixed or regulated. Many of the plants designed for WP Oy’s products are equipped with several turbine generators to meet the cost effective civil works and high energy production.

hydro turbines

WP Oy’s hydropower turbines can be placed directly in the waterways. The installation angle of the turbine may be chosen freely to make the construction work as cost effective as possible. The machinery can also be easily integrated to existing structures and this enables the use of old powerhouse as much as possible. The power plant building time is brought to minimum and the old, often historical values consisting powerhouse may preserve its original look.

The building may be completely under ground leaving the surroundings unaffected. This is very important now when nature and environmental aspects carry a special weight. Conservationists have, in fact, endorsed our alternative whenever landscape and nature are considered essential.

hydro turbine



Hydraulically operated sluice gates are designed and manufactured by Waterpumps WP Oy. They can be single or double cylinder operated and equipped with heating for winter operation.



Waterpumps WP Oy delivers low head water pumps for agricultural, irrigation and other purposes demanding high volume pumping capacity.
The pumps are of stainless steel and can be operated with direct grid connected or with frequency converter. Pumping capacity starts from
20 l/s and the larger end is around 12 000 l/s. The maximum head for WP Oy’s axial pumps is from10 to 12 meters.