Compact turbineTube turbine

Tube turbine

The tube turbine power range is from 20 to 700 kW. Units have a direct drive configuration where the turbine and the generator are on the same shaft having common bearings and seals.

The tube turbine-generator configuration is applicable when there is a penstock feeding water to the power plant. Several units can be placed after a bifurcation or an unit for each separate penstock.

Closing device is typically a butterfly valve. It is normally opened with hydraulic power pack and closed with dead weight. A flexible joint is required between valve and turbine to allow installation and removal of the unit.

The installation angle between horizontal and vertical may be chosen freely to simplify the power plant design. The space requirement for the turbine unit is short and no separate installation beds are required. Turbine unit is bolted on the draft tube flange and supported on the other end with its own legs.





Compact structure, turbine and generator with
bearings and seals in one unit.
Installation angle for the unit may vary from vertical to
Stainless steel structure.
Long service intervals.
Heads from 5 to 30 meters


tube turbine